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School children in the classroom

Grace Charitable Trust

Grace Charitable Trust is a small charity that helps tribal children from villages in the Mudumalai Forest Reserve, Tamil Nadu, to get an education. Lack of family finances, hazardous jungle terrain and monsoon rains are just some of the problem’s children have to overcome in order to attend school. The trust provides school fees, classroom essentials, safe transport in school buses and after school education centres where children can do their homework and play safely.


Solomon Daniel

Solomon is the Managing Trustee of Grace Charitable Trust. Solomon knows all the children and their parents in each of the villages the trust supports; he also knows all the forestry officials, local tribal headmen, and other officials whose permissions are required for the continued use of space for village education centres. Solomon is constantly in touch with

school headteachers regarding numbers of children attending school and the results that are being achieved as a result of the trusts support.


Working together

Together Grace Charitable Trust and The Tiger Tree Foundation are significantly improving levels of school attendance and with-it levels of education for over 300 children. 100% of your donations to The Tiger Tree Foundation go directly to them, there are no deductions for administration. Even better if you are a private individual the government will add 25% to your donation in the form of Gift Aid.